Scale up your financial planning service.

A member uses their natural voice to converse

No need for pen, paper or computer

Possible to serve multiple members simultaneously

Easy to use, easy to understand

Digital assistant for fund members

It’s not easy to find affordable, easy-to-use financial information. The SMFP Digital Assistant allows members to review their financial well-being using voice only on any device with Amazon Alexa “show mode”. This could be an Echo device, certain tablets and some laptops.

A fund could set up multiple devices serving multiple members at the same time. A single adviser could oversee the sessions, helping members if they get stuck.

All details of any session can be saved for the next session on Amazon’s servers and protected by their security. You may also choose to erase all data at the end of a session.


Key Features

  • Keep track of retirement, and if desired, risk, wealth, budget, education and succession.
  • Values can be remembered and available for each new session or deleted.
  • Members can explore tips to improve their financial well-being with their own values, perhaps referring to a recent member statement.
  • There is transparency with how values are calculated, and assumptions are explained.
  • Convenient to use, simply be in hearing range to use the skill. using natural voice.
  • User guide is always available. Members just need to say “user guide” for help.
  • There are six quick calculations. In seconds, members can do a quick tax, age pension, account-based pension, investment profile and retirement calculation.

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